Struct MatchWithScore

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struct aslam::MatchWithScore

Subclassed by aslam::FrameToFrameMatchWithScore, aslam::LandmarksToFrameMatchWithScore

Public Functions

FRIEND_TEST(TestMatcherExclusive, ExclusiveMatcher)
FRIEND_TEST(TestMatcher, GreedyMatcher)
inline MatchWithScore()

Initialize to an invalid match.

inline MatchWithScore(int index_apple, int index_banana, double _score)

Initialize with correspondences and a score.

inline void setIndexApple(int index_apple)
inline void setIndexBanana(int index_banana)
inline void setScore(double _score)
inline double getScore() const

Get the score given to the match.

inline bool operator<(const MatchWithScore &other) const
inline bool operator>(const MatchWithScore &other) const
inline bool operator==(const MatchWithScore &other) const

Protected Functions

inline int getIndexApple() const

Get the index into list A.

inline int getIndexBanana() const

Get the index into list B.


friend class MatchingEngineGreedy
template<typename MatchWithScore, typename Match> friend friend void convertMatchesWithScoreToMatches (const Aligned< std::vector, MatchWithScore > &matches_with_score_A_B, Aligned< std::vector, Match > *matches_A_B)
template<typename MatchWithScore> friend friend void convertMatchesWithScoreToOpenCvMatches (const Aligned< std::vector, MatchWithScore > &matches_with_score_A_B, OpenCvMatches *matches_A_B)

Convert MatchesWithScore to cv::DMatches.