Template Function mav_viz::drawCovariance3D(visualization_msgs::Marker&, const Eigen::MatrixBase<DerivedMu>&, const Eigen::MatrixBase<DerivedCov>&, const std_msgs::ColorRGBA&, double)

Function Documentation

template<class DerivedMu, class DerivedCov>
void mav_viz::drawCovariance3D(visualization_msgs::Marker &marker, const Eigen::MatrixBase<DerivedMu> &mu, const Eigen::MatrixBase<DerivedCov> &cov, const std_msgs::ColorRGBA &color, double n_sigma = 3)

Draws a covariance ellipsoid.

  • marker[out] The marker in which the ellipsoid should be drawn

  • mu[in] static 3 element vector, specifying the center of the ellipsoid

  • cov[in] static 3x3 covariance matrix

  • color[in] RGBA color of the ellipsoid

  • n_sigma[in] confidence area / scale of the ellipsoid