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#ifndef VI_MAP_EDGE_H_
#define VI_MAP_EDGE_H_

#include <aslam/common/memory.h>
#include <posegraph/edge.h>

#include "vi-map/mission.h"

namespace vi_map {
namespace proto {
class Edge;
}  // namespace proto
}  // namespace vi_map

namespace vi_map {
class Edge : public pose_graph::Edge {
  explicit Edge(pose_graph::Edge::EdgeType edge_type)
      : pose_graph::Edge(edge_type) {}
      pose_graph::Edge::EdgeType edge_type, const pose_graph::EdgeId& id,
      const pose_graph::VertexId& from, const pose_graph::VertexId& to)
      : pose_graph::Edge(edge_type), id_(id), from_(from), to_(to) {}
  virtual ~Edge() {}

  const pose_graph::EdgeId& id() const {
    return id_;
  const pose_graph::VertexId& from() const {
    return from_;
  const pose_graph::VertexId& to() const {
    return to_;

  void setId(const pose_graph::EdgeId& id);
  void setFrom(const pose_graph::VertexId& from);
  void setTo(const pose_graph::VertexId& to);

  virtual bool operator==(const Edge& other) const {
    return static_cast<const pose_graph::Edge&>(*this) == other;

  void serialize(vi_map::proto::Edge* proto) const;
  static Edge::UniquePtr deserialize(
      const pose_graph::EdgeId& edge_id, const vi_map::proto::Edge& proto);

  // Copies this object into a new edge.
  // Input: pointer to a pointer which should store the copied edge.
  void copyEdgeInto(Edge** new_edge) const;

  // Helper function to copy edge.
  template <typename EdgeType>
  void copyEdge(Edge** new_edge) const {
    const EdgeType* original_edge =
        dynamic_cast<const EdgeType*>(this);  // NOLINT
    *new_edge = new EdgeType(*original_edge);
    CHECK(*new_edge != nullptr);

  pose_graph::EdgeId id_;
  pose_graph::VertexId from_, to_;
}  // namespace vi_map
#endif  // VI_MAP_EDGE_H_