Struct PathAndLandmarkSettings

Struct Documentation

struct test_trajectory_gen::PathAndLandmarkSettings

Parameters used to generate path and landmarks.

Note that not every parameter is active in every mode. Alphabetized first by type, then by variable name.

Public Functions

inline PathAndLandmarkSettings()

Public Members

Aligned<std::vector, Eigen::Vector4d> pose_waypoints

Vector of waypoints (x,y,z,yaw), can be used to pass user-defined waypoints to ctor.

double circle_radius_meter

Circle radius.

double distance_to_keypoints_meter

Distance to keypoints.

vi_map::ImuSigmas imu_sigmas

IMU noise parameters.

double gravity_meter_by_second2
double kappa

Kappa defining the ellipse shape according to x = (1.0 / kappa) * cos(t).

double lambda

Lambda defining the ellipse shape according to y = (1.0 / lambda) * sin(t).

double landmark_offset_x_meter

Landmark volume offset in x direction.

double landmark_offset_y_meter

Landmark volume offset in y direction.

double landmark_offset_z_meter

Landmark volume offset in z direction.

double landmark_variance_meter

Landmark variance.

double landmark_volume_x_meter

Landmark volume in x direction, centered around offset.

double landmark_volume_y_meter

Landmark volume in y direction, centered around offset.

double landmark_volume_z_meter

Landmark volume in z direction, centered around offset.

double num_of_rounds

Number of rounds. Currently only applies for elliptical mode.

double sampling_time_second

Sampling time in seconds.

double start_offset_x_meter

Offset from the origin in x direction.

double start_offset_y_meter

Offset from the origin in y direction.

double start_offset_yaw_radians

Yaw start offset.

double start_offset_z_meter

Offset from the origin in z direction. This is the constant height.

double vertical_to_radial_variance_factor

Ratio between radial and vertical standard deviation of the keypoint positions.

size_t imu_noise_bias_seed

IMU noise bias seed.

size_t landmark_seed

Landmark seed.

test_trajectory_gen::Path mode

Trajectory mode.

size_t num_of_path_constraints

Number of path constraints.

size_t num_of_landmarks

Number of landmarks.

std::string filename_waypoints

List with waypoints: x y z yaw.