Class FeatureTracker

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class aslam::FeatureTracker

Base class defining the interface for feature trackers.

Subclassed by aslam::GyroTracker

Public Functions

inline virtual ~FeatureTracker()
virtual void track(const Quaternion &q_Ckp1_Ck, const VisualFrame &frame_k, aslam::VisualFrame *frame_kp1, FrameToFrameMatchesWithScore *matches_with_score_kp1_k) = 0

Track features and return the matches.

The matches are not written to the TrackId channels and should be written to the track id channels using a TrackManager (after e.g. outlier filtering).

inline virtual void swapKeypointIndicesToAbort(const FrameId&, std::unordered_set<size_t>*)

Set a list of keypoint indices that should be aborted during the next call to track.

The vector is swapped and invalidates the source vector.

Protected Functions

FeatureTracker() = default