Class GyroTracker

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class aslam::GyroTracker : public aslam::FeatureTracker

Feature tracker using an interframe rotation matrix to predict the feature positions while matching.

It also tracks a subset of unmatched features with an optical flow algorithm (Lucas-Kanade method).

Public Functions

explicit GyroTracker(const Camera &camera, const size_t min_distance_to_image_border, const cv::Ptr<cv::DescriptorExtractor> &extractor_ptr)

Construct the feature tracker.

  • camera[in] The camera used in the tracker for projection/backprojection.

  • min_distance_to_image_border[in] The distance to the image border that must remain free of keypoints.

  • extractor_ptr[in] Pointer to an extractor objects that is used to compute descriptors for optical flow tracked keypoints.

inline virtual ~GyroTracker()
virtual void track(const Quaternion &q_Ckp1_Ck, const VisualFrame &frame_k, VisualFrame *frame_kp1, FrameToFrameMatchesWithScore *matches_kp1_k) override

Track features between the current and the previous frames using a given interframe rotation q_Ckp1_Ck to predict the feature positions.


q_Ckp1_Ck[in] Rotation matrix that describes the camera rotation between the two frames that are matched.