Class TrackManager

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class aslam::TrackManager

The Track manager assigns track ids to the given matches with different strategies.

Subclassed by aslam::SimpleTrackManager, aslam::UniformTrackManager

Public Functions

inline TrackManager()
inline virtual ~TrackManager()
virtual void applyMatchesToFrames(const FrameToFrameMatchesWithScore &matches_A_B, VisualFrame *apple_frame, VisualFrame *banana_frame) = 0

Writes track ids for a list of matches into two given frames.

  • matches_A_B[in] List of matches between the Apple and Banana frame.

  • apple_frame[in] Pointer to the apple frame.

  • banana_frame[in] Pointer to the banana frame.

Public Static Functions

static Eigen::VectorXi *createAndGetTrackIdChannel(VisualFrame *frame)

Returns a pointer to the track id channel.

If no track id channel is present for the given frame, a new track id channel will be created with num_keypoints many track ids, all set to to -1.


frame[in] Pointer to the visual frame.


Pointer to the track id channel.

static inline void resetIdProvider()

Protected Static Attributes

static ThreadSafeIdProvider<size_t> track_id_provider_