Class TargetAprilGrid

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class aslam::calibration::TargetAprilGrid : public aslam::calibration::TargetBase

Aprilgrid calibration target.

num_tag_rows: number of tags in y-dir num_tag_cols: number of tags in x-dir tag_size_meter: size of a tag [m] tag_inbetween_space_meter: space between tags [m]

Corner ordering : 12–13 14–15 | TAG 2 | | TAG 3 | 8—-9 10–11 4—-5 6—-7 y | TAG 0 | | TAG 1 | ^ 0—-1 2—-3 |>x

Public Functions

TargetAprilGrid(const TargetConfiguration &target_config)
inline virtual ~TargetAprilGrid()
inline const TargetConfiguration &getConfig() const
struct TargetConfiguration

Public Functions

inline TargetConfiguration()

Public Members

size_t num_tag_rows

Number of tags in row direction.

size_t num_tag_cols

Number of tags in col direction.

double tag_size_meter

Size of one tag. [m].

double tag_inbetween_space_meter

Space inbetween tags. [m].

size_t black_tag_border_bits

Size of black border around the tags [bits].

Public Static Functions

static TargetConfiguration fromYaml(const std::string &yaml_file)