Template Class Motion4DPolynomial

Class Documentation

template<int n_pos = 12, int n_yaw = 8, class T = double>
class mav_planning_utils::Motion4DPolynomial

defines a container for 4D motion (x, y, z, yaw) and their respective derivatives of degree n_*

Public Types

enum [anonymous]


enumerator N_POS
enumerator N_YAW
typedef std::vector<Motion4DPolynomial<n_pos, n_yaw, T>, Eigen::aligned_allocator<Motion4DPolynomial<n_pos, n_yaw, T>>> Vector

defines a vector type for this class with the necessary eigen aligned allocator

typedef Polynomial<n_pos, T> PositionType

Position type definition.

typedef Polynomial<n_yaw, T> YawType

Yaw type definition.

Public Functions

inline void reset()

sets all vectors to zero

inline Eigen::Matrix<T, 3, 1> getStateP(T t, unsigned int derivative) const

Returns the given derivative of the position states.

inline std::string toString() const

returns a string of the vectors

Public Members

PositionType x

stores the x axis polynomial

PositionType y

stores the y axis polynomial

PositionType z

stores the z axis polynomial

YawType yaw

stores the yaw polynomial