Template Class Waypoints

Class Documentation

template<int _D>
class mav_planning_utils::path_planning::Waypoints

Struct that stores waypoints and maximum values for the derivatives of position / yaw (if applicable).

0 means no limit.

Public Types

enum [anonymous]


enumerator D
typedef std::vector<Vertex<D>, Eigen::aligned_allocator<Vertex<D>>> WaypointVector

Public Functions

inline Waypoints()
inline Waypoints(double _v_max, double _a_max, double _j_max, double _s_max, double _yaw_dot_max)
inline bool isEqualTol(const Waypoints<D> &rhs, double tol) const

Checks if both lhs and rhs are equal up to tol in case of double values.

Public Members

double v_max
double a_max
double j_max
double s_max
double yaw_dot_max
WaypointVector waypoints