Class PoseGraph

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class pose_graph::PoseGraph

Subclassed by pose_graph::example::PoseGraph, vi_map::PoseGraph

Public Functions

PoseGraph() = default
inline virtual ~PoseGraph()
void swap(PoseGraph *other)
void addVertex(AlignedUniquePtr<Vertex> vertex)
void addEdge(AlignedUniquePtr<Edge> edge)
bool vertexExists(const VertexId &n) const
bool edgeExists(const EdgeId &e) const
bool edgeExists(const VertexId &v1, const VertexId &v2) const
void getAllVertexIds(std::vector<VertexId> *vertices) const

Get set of node ids.

void getAllEdgeIds(std::vector<EdgeId> *edges) const

Get set of edge ids.

const Vertex &getVertex(const VertexId &id) const
const Edge &getEdge(const EdgeId &id) const
Vertex &getVertexMutable(const VertexId &id)
Edge &getEdgeMutable(const EdgeId &id)
Vertex *getVertexPtrMutable(const VertexId &id)
Edge *getEdgePtrMutable(const EdgeId &id)
const Vertex *getVertexPtr(const VertexId &id) const
const Edge *getEdgePtr(const EdgeId &id) const
EdgeMap::iterator removeEdge(const pose_graph::EdgeId &id)
void removeVertex(const pose_graph::VertexId &id)
template<pose_graph::Edge::EdgeType edge_type>
size_t removeEdgesOfType()
inline size_t numVertices() const
inline size_t numEdges() const
inline void clear()

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Protected Types

typedef std::unordered_map<VertexId, AlignedUniquePtr<Vertex>> VertexMap
typedef std::unordered_map<EdgeId, AlignedUniquePtr<Edge>> EdgeMap

Protected Attributes

VertexMap vertices_
EdgeMap edges_