Template Function aslam::createMappedUndistorter(const CameraType&, float, float, aslam::InterpolationMethod)

Function Documentation

template<typename CameraType>
inline std::unique_ptr<MappedUndistorter> aslam::createMappedUndistorter(const CameraType &camera, float alpha, float scale, aslam::InterpolationMethod interpolation_type)

Factory method to create a mapped undistorter for this camera geometry.

NOTE: The undistorter stores a copy of this camera and changes to the original geometry are not connected with the undistorter!

  • camera[in] The camera object a mapped undistorter should be created for. Currently the method supports pinhole and unified projection cameras. Any other type of camera will result in the hard failure.

  • alpha[in] Free scaling parameter between 0 (when all the pixels in the undistorted image will be valid) and 1 (when all the source image pixels will be retained in the undistorted image)

  • scale[in] Output image size scaling parameter wrt. to input image size.

  • interpolation_type[in] Check InterpolationMethod to see the available types.


Pointer to the created mapped undistorter.