Function aslam::fastTriangulateFeatureTrack

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TriangulationResult aslam::fastTriangulateFeatureTrack(const aslam::FeatureTrack &track, const aslam::TransformationVector &T_W_Bs, Eigen::Vector3d *W_landmark)

brief Triangulates a feature track together with a list of body poses.

Track length and size of T_W_Bs is expected to be equal. Uses the faster linearTriangulateFromNViews(Matrix3d, Matrix3d, Vector3d*).

Frames: W: Arbitrary frame which the resulting landmark will be expressed in. B: Body frame (of the nframe).

  • track[in] The feature track to be triangulated.

  • T_W_Bs[in] The list of body poses the landmark was seen from.

  • W_Landmark[out] The triangulated landmark, expressed in frame W.