Function aslam::linearTriangulateFromNViews(const Eigen::Matrix3Xd&, const Eigen::Matrix3Xd&, Eigen::Vector3d *)

Function Documentation

TriangulationResult aslam::linearTriangulateFromNViews(const Eigen::Matrix3Xd &t_G_bv, const Eigen::Matrix3Xd &p_G_C, Eigen::Vector3d *p_G_P)

brief Triangulate a 3d point from a set of n keypoint measurements as bearing vectors.

  • t_G_bv – Back-projected bearing vectors from visual frames to observations, expressed in the global frame.

  • p_G_C – Global positions of visual frames (cameras).

  • p_G_P – Triangulated point in global frame.


Was the triangulation successful?