Function aslam::linearTriangulateFromNViews(const Aligned<std::vector, Eigen::Vector2d>&, const aslam::TransformationVector&, const aslam::Transformation&, Eigen::Vector3d *)

Function Documentation

TriangulationResult aslam::linearTriangulateFromNViews(const Aligned<std::vector, Eigen::Vector2d> &measurements_normalized, const aslam::TransformationVector &T_G_B, const aslam::Transformation &T_B_C, Eigen::Vector3d *G_point)

brief Triangulate a 3d point from a set of n keypoint measurements on the normalized camera plane.

  • measurements_normalized – Keypoint measurements on normalized camera plane.

  • T_G_B – Pose of the body frame of reference w.r.t. the global frame, expressed in the global frame.

  • T_B_C – Pose of the camera w.r.t. the body frame expressed in the body frame of reference.

  • G_point – Triangulated point in global frame.


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