Template Struct MapTraits

Struct Documentation

template<typename MapType>
struct backend::MapTraits

Derive traits from this struct in order to have the functions defined.

Your map should derive from backend::ResourceMap (from map_resources) and backend::MapInterface<MapType> (defined in this file) to get the needed functions.

Public Static Functions

static inline bool hasMapFolder(const MapType &map)
static inline void getMapFolder(const MapType &map, std::string *map_folder)
static inline void setMapFolder(const std::string &map_folder, MapType *map)
static inline void deepCopy(const MapType &source_map, MapType *target_map)
static inline bool mergeTwoMaps(const MapType &source_map_merge_from, MapType *map_merge_base)
static inline bool mergeSubmapIntoBaseMap(const MapType &source_merge_submap, MapType *source_merge_base_map)
static inline std::string getSubFolderName()
static inline bool hasMapOnFileSystem(const std::string &folder_path)
static inline bool loadFromFolder(const std::string &folder_path, MapType *map)
static inline bool saveToFolder(const std::string &folder_path, const SaveConfig &config, MapType *map)