Struct SaveConfig

Struct Documentation

struct backend::SaveConfig

Public Types

enum MigrateResourcesSettings


enumerator kDontMigrateResourceFolder

Leaves the resources in the current location.

enumerator kMigrateResourcesToMapFolder

Migrates all resources to the map folder.

enumerator kMigrateResourcesToExternalFolder

Migrates all resources to a specified external folder.

Public Functions

inline SaveConfig()

Public Members

bool overwrite_existing_files = false

If true, any pre-existing files on the disk will be overwritten.

MigrateResourcesSettings migrate_resources_settings = MigrateResourcesSettings::kDontMigrateResourceFolder

Determines if the resources will be migrating before the map is saved.

std::string external_folder_for_migration = ""

The external folder where all resources should be migrated to.

bool move_resources_when_migrating = false

If set to true, the resource migration will move the resources and delete the resource files in the old location.

If set to false, the resources are copied and will still exist in the old location in the file system.

Public Static Attributes

static constexpr size_t kVerticesPerProtoFile = 200u

Determines the number of vertices/edges that should be in a single proto.

NOTE: If this value is set to high, the map cannot be read anymore because there is a maximum file size above which protobuf doesn’t read the data anymore.

static constexpr size_t kEdgesPerProtoFile = 30000u