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#include <string>
#include <vector>

#include <glog/logging.h>
#include <maplab-common/map-manager-config.h>

namespace backend {

template <typename MapType>
struct traits;

template <typename MapType>
struct MapTraits {
  // Functions provided by ResourceMap.
  // Map folder refers to the default location to save new resources. On a new
  // map, it's
  // unspecified. If a map is loaded from disk, the map folder is set to the
  // path of the map on
  // disk, so that new resources can be stored next to the map. See
  // backend::ResourceMap for more
  // details.
  static bool hasMapFolder(const MapType& map) {
    return map.hasMapFolder();
  static void getMapFolder(const MapType& map, std::string* map_folder) {
  static void setMapFolder(const std::string& map_folder, MapType* map) {

  // Copy/merge.
  static void deepCopy(const MapType& source_map, MapType* target_map) {
  static bool mergeTwoMaps(
      const MapType& source_map_merge_from, MapType* map_merge_base) {
    return CHECK_NOTNULL(map_merge_base)
  static bool mergeSubmapIntoBaseMap(
      const MapType& source_merge_submap, MapType* source_merge_base_map) {
    return CHECK_NOTNULL(source_merge_base_map)

  // Save/load.

  // Sub folder name refers to the name the map will be stored in. E.g., the
  // implementation for
  // VIMap will return "vi_map" as sub folder name which means that the maps are
  // saved in the folder
  // user/provided/folder/path/vi_map.
  static std::string getSubFolderName() {
    return MapType::getSubFolderName();
  static bool hasMapOnFileSystem(const std::string& folder_path) {
    return MapType::hasMapOnFileSystem(folder_path);

  static bool loadFromFolder(const std::string& folder_path, MapType* map) {
    return CHECK_NOTNULL(map)->loadFromFolder(folder_path);
  static bool saveToFolder(
      const std::string& folder_path, const SaveConfig& config, MapType* map) {
    return CHECK_NOTNULL(map)->saveToFolder(folder_path, config);

template <typename MapType>
struct MapInterface {
  virtual void deepCopy(const MapType& other) = 0;
  virtual bool mergeAllMissionsFromMap(const MapType& other) = 0;
  virtual bool mergeAllSubmapsFromMap(const MapType& other) = 0;
  virtual bool loadFromFolder(const std::string& folder_path) = 0;
  virtual bool saveToFolder(
      const std::string& folder_path, const SaveConfig& config) = 0;

}  // namespace backend