Structure of the framework

The maplab framework consists of two major parts:

an online frontend ROVIOLI and the offline maplab console.

ROVIOLI frontend

  • online frontend for mapping and localization,

  • extends ROVIO with 6DoF localization constraints,

  • standalone operation for single-sessions,

  • multi-session map support using the console (see below).

Offline maplab console

It permits to refine the map, merge multiple maps together and use them e.g. for the dense reconstruction. The features include, among others, the following:

  • a convenient console user interface and a map manager to access the maps,

  • a plug-in architecture to easily extend it with new commands and algorithms,

  • visual-inertial least-squares optimization that can be extended with additional sensors,

  • robust pose-graph relaxation using switchable constraints,

  • BRISK/FREAK-based loopclosure,

  • map summarization for lifelong mapping,

  • dense reconstruction and an interface to Voxblox.

Typical workflow with maplab

  • (a) Build maps using ROVIOLI in the VIO mode.

  • (b) Refine the maps using the maplab console. Merge multiple maps together. Perform experiments and apply your algorithms of choice.

  • (c) optional: Use the resulting map to localize using ROVIOLI in the Localization Mode. The localization increases the accuracy of the visual-inertial pose estimation.