Contributing to maplab

We would like to ask you to stick to the following procedure when using the maplab repository:

  • Use the google-c++ code style.

  • Follow the pull-request and review work-flow.

  • Never push directly to master.

  • Never merge branches that did not pass the build-server test-build.

  • Never merge branches with failing builds.

  • Prefer pull-requests which are focused on a particular feature/fix.

  • Prefer pull-requests that have a change-list of < 500 lines.

  • Write unit-tests for your code using gtest.

  • Follow the [[Verbosity Policy]]

  • Write at least one high level comment per method and class on the purpose unless the method name is entirely self explanatory.

  • Avoid comments that don’t contain additional information beyond the obvious.

After you cloned you have to run the following script to setup an auto-formatter and static-code analysis tool:

cd maplab